Disco Biscuits x Gilson Snowboard – Limited Edition


Limited Edition All Mountain Snowboard by Gilson

For Disco Biscuits Fans

“The Disco Biscuits and our fans have always shared a very deep bond with skiing & snowboarding. The feeling we get connecting with the raw wilderness on the slopes is a lot like the feeling we get connecting through the music at our shows. With the almost spiritual connection that exists between the band and fans, and the one that we all share when carving some turns in fresh, knee-high pow-pow, it was meant to be that the all new tDB x Gilson Snow collab would bring it all together. Having both been born out of Pennsylvania was just the cherry on top. It’s good to have Gilson Snow in the band!”

– The Disco Biscuits

JAX is the phenomenal artist that has brought this design to life, and we’re totally stoked with how it turned out.

Award-winning All Mountain Model

The Gilson All Mountain has earned its place as the longest standing Best Seller in the history of Gilson Snow.

The Gilson Edge and Pow Channel design features enhance your board’s contact with the snow, giving you the latest in playful performance handling.

On hardpack snow, your Pow Channel flies just above the snow, decreasing your surface area in contact when you don’t need it. In Powder, your Pow Channel makes full contact, increasing your surface area for the best of pow surfing.

With feature-packed performance, it’s no surprise that our All Mountain model has held its place as the longest standing Best Seller.

Built to Last.
5-Year Warranty.

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Mens 145, Mens 150, Mens 155, Mens 160, Mens 165, Mens 165 Wide, Womens 140, Womens 145, Womens 150

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